The Sneaky Snail - A Snail's Tale

It was raining, actually, it was  pouring, so the little snail crawled under a big  red leaf to stay dry.   He was so cosy and comfortable he fell asleep.  All of a sudden his leafy bed was moving.  He didn't know what to do.  He couldn't run away, he was a SNAIL.   Snails can't run.   He closed his eyes and held on tight!

When the leaf stopped moving, the little snail crawled up on top of his leaf to have look around.  Where was he?

It was warm, and bright and all WHITE!  (He didn't know it but he was on the window ledge in my kitchen.)

Slowly he slipped off his leaf and started to explore this strange new place.  The ground was so smooth!  It was nothing like the rough dirt and stones in the garden.

The little snail was zooming along.  It was as fast as he had ever crawled!

He was having so much fun running along the ledge.  Well, not actually running, but moving really quickly...for a snail!

All of a sudden he heard a noise.  Something big and loud was coming his way.   This wasn't good.  He tried to run away but the surface was so slippery!  He felt himself being lifted and carried away.  He closed his eyes and curled up into his shell.  This wasn't good.  This wasn't good at all!  

Then the little snail realised something amazing.  He wasn't moving anymore.  He slowly poked his head out of his shell and looked around.  He was back in his garden!   Phew!

It was raining, actually it was pouring so the little snail crawled under a big leaf to stay dry.......


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    1. Thank you. I accidentally brought him in with a beautiful leaf I found in my garden. He was so tiny I couldn't bear to harm him. : )

    2. That's what I would have done, too: carry him out into the garden again! Somewhere to a good shelter.


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