Barrington Court and Wolf Hall

Recently, Andy and I visited Barrington Court.  You say it looks familiar to you? I am not surprised.  It was one of the National Trust properties used as a location for the filming of BBC's production of WOLF HALL. 

We had hoped to see the exhibition of Wolf Hall costumes on display but they were still setting up the displays so we will have to go back another time to see them.   Now that's not a problem.  We love visiting Barrington Court.  The gardens are always beautiful.

How's this for a veg patch?  

You can just imagine how beautiful the vegetable garden will be later on in the season.  It has all sorts of espalier and cordon fruit trees, sculptures, and a fountain.  But that's just the beginning.

The herbaceous borders are filled to bursting with blossom.  The gardens are set out in a series of rooms, inspired by Gertrude Jekyll's plans.

The borders were filled with roses, peonies, and iris.  There is even a White Garden.

I know, there is a splash or two of pastel pink...

But that only intensifies the brightness and purity of the white flowers.

Even the old Buss Stalls, they were originally for calves, are rose covered.  Take a closer look. Do you remember seeing these being used as stables in Wolf Hall?

It was about here that we could smell the tempting aromas of lunch being served in the Strode dining room.  We couldn't resist ... time to have a bite to eat before visiting Court House.

That will have to wait until Part II of Barrington Court and Wolf Hall. 

For more information about visiting Barrington Court,  CLICK HERE!


  1. Ooh I love a stately home and garden, fun to see the Wolf Hall settings too.

  2. Barrington Court is a stunning place to visit & a favourite too - I need to revisit sometime soon as I loved my visit.

    I too loved Wolf Hall so look forward to an update again ….

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! I am just knocked over from the beauty of your photos! Just stunning and gorgeous all wrapped into one!! I really enjoyed all of the rooms in this garden! I would so love to visit this one! Thank you for sharing the inspiration friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. What a breathtakingly beautiful garden. Love, love, love the walled garden. Fabulous photos.
    Oh no Debs you have found me another property I need to find the time to visit!



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