Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Container Gardening - Sowing Seeds

I am afraid that today's post is going to have to be short and sweet.  I need to get into the garden and start sowing vegetable seeds.  I have to time it so I catch the brief sunny spells between the spring showers.

Every year I grow a few beans, tomatoes, herbs and salad crops in pots and troughs.  I've even had a small crop of carrots! 

We have a small strawberry bed and a few extra strawberry plants in a trough.  They do amazingly well in containers.  I had a wonderful crop last year. 

We had so many strawberries that we got tired of eating them fresh so I made two batches of strawberry jam! 

I also grow a few apples.  I treated myself to two espaliered apple trees that are planted in large pots.   They make the garden look interesting and produce sweet, crunchy fruit too. 

Of course, there is a constant battle with the slugs and snails but no matter how meagre the harvest, nothing tastes as good as the food you've grown yourself.  It's time to get sowing!

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