Prince Charles' Sustainable Garden Party

I bet you can't guess who owns this vegetable patch!  There's a hint in the title of this post.   Yes, it is Prince Charles' personal patch  in London!  In 2010, Prince Charles opened his garden at Clarence House to launch Start .  (Everyone was invited!)  We couldn't miss an opportunity to attend a Royal Garden Party so Andy and I went to see how the other half live. 

It appears they live very nicely, thank you, but with sustainability in mind. The garden at Clarence House was transformed into a showcase of eco-friendly mini-gardens.  Each design featured recycled materials and water saving techniques that could be utilised in any size garden..... even mine!

But it's not just about gardening. Start is a charitable initiative set up HRH The Prince of Wales in 2010, with a mission to inspire people to start living more sustainably.

 "Our goal is to work collaboratively to create a mainstream movement  of people who 'do more with less'."
Here are just a few of the brilliant garden designs created from recycled and reclaimed items:

Mis-matched wellies and an old chest become a raised planter.  Wonder what happened to the other Wellies?

This garden featured a vertical hydroponic system made with old plastic bottles! 

Recycled car parts were fashioned into this scary sea monster.

 More vertical planting to maximise space.  These plants were in old ice cream tubs and recycled soda cans attached to plywood.

For more information and ideas for  more sustainable living, visit  If we all do a little it will help A LOT!

Thank you, Prince Charles, for letting us visit your garden.  A jolly old time was had by all!


  1. Looks awesome! Glad to see people taking steps to gardening. On my website I talk about cheap innovative ways for apartment dwellers to grow food. Go to the search bar of the site and type in "Three Ways to Grow Food & Other Plants for Apartment Dwellers (Indoors/Outdoors)".
    Thanks again!


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