Nocturnal Garden Party

Our American nieces are budding Zoologists, fascinated with all sorts of animals.  On one shopping trip I offered to buy them each a cuddly toy.  I thought they would choose a teddy bear, bunny or other 'cute' animal.  They choose a stuffed fish each, one was a trout!   I knew then and there we weren't dealing with ordinary little girls!  The words 'natural habitat' entered their vocabularies very early in their development - astonishing!  So, you will see lots of animal photos here because the girls love them and we do too.

Not long ago, Jessica asked what kind of animals visited our garden so I'd like to take this opportunity to show a few of the lovely creatures with whom we share our garden.  Most of them are nocturnal so we seldom see them but if you know what to look for you can tell when they have been visiting.

In a previous post, I introduced our hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggie-Winkle.  She is very helpful in the garden, eating the slugs and snails that would ruin the plants.  I don't see her very often but I know when she has visited.  She leaves, how do we put this delicately, 'calling cards'.

The fox usually stays in the allotments and we watch him making his rounds early in the mornings and around sunset.  I have seen him stand on his hind legs and delicately eat raspberries off the bushes. Sometimes we hear him at night.  Foxes have a very distinctive cry.  He is very handsome. 

Badger is rarely seen.  He only comes out at night and is very secretive. He loves the peanuts we feed the birds.  He has excavated a large opening under our fence which is an 'animal highway' used by all the animals.... including our little Dust Bunny!

There are lots of little voles and mice that come into the garden to collect the sunflower seeds that have fallen out of the bird feeders.  They scurry about, taking the seeds back to their homes.  They must be very cautious and quick or the little black cat might catch them!  

It's lovely to think they have the garden to enjoy when we are asleep.... sort of like a nocturnal garden party!


  1. Deb, your photos and answers to the girl's questions are interesting and informative. Grandma is learning too. This blog of yours makes for a wonderful connection between you and Andy and your stateside family. (Hope that includes me too!)

  2. Hi Marion!

    Thanks for the kind comment. I hope the girls enjoy reading about our little adventures and furry friends. We really enjoy writing the blog and hope you find it entertaining too.

    It's lovely to hear from our American family...especially YOU!

  3. We still have the said fish. And voles, ugh. We have had "issues" with voles. And by issues I mean problems. One unfortunate vole eventually found his way into our basement of all places and made his final resting place IN our couch. The discovery was made not by Kevin or myself (thankfully for me) but during a family party by an unsuspecting sweet teenager...Gracey...and we still talk about it to this day. It was funny and disgusting at the same time! I'll take the hedgie and the fox, not sure about the badger but a big NO on the pesky voles. Hairy mice on steroids is how I describe them.

    1. Dead vole...Euuuwww! Fortunately, we have personal pest control in the form of a black cat. Unfortunately, he sometimes wants to bring the bodies into the house to show us!


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