Otterton Mill, Making Flour Since 1068

I bake almost all of our bread; some by hand, some by using our bread machine.  Today is a bread machine day.  I can load it and leave it and in about four hours you have hot, great smelling bread!   Good stuff!

All this bread baking requires flour...LOTS of flour.   Let's take a trip to Otterton Mill and buy some flour.

There has been a working watermill in Otterton at least since  Norman times.  The earliest record of a mill at Otterton dates to the Doomsday Book in 1068.

Today, Otterton Mill grinds local, organic grains into flour just as it did all those centuries ago.  You can take a bread baking course, have a meal or a cup of tea and a slice of cake in their cafe, visit the shop full of art, crafts and gifts, purchase Otterton bread and other local foods and take a walk along the river which turns the ancient water wheel.  

Oh.... you can also buy FLOUR!

Read more about all the events and activities at Otterton Mill by clicking on this link.  It's well worth a visit.


  1. Put that on our list of places to visit! We will need a month or more to see all that is there! :)


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