Diamond Jubilee Street Party!

In the United Kingdom, most major Royal events are celebrated by holding a Street Party.  The residents apply for permission to block off a whole street in the neighbourhood, hang the bunting and flags out, set up tables and chairs, and make a day of it!

Street parties first started in 1919 to celebrate the signing of the treaty of Versailles ending World War I.  These parties focused mainly on the children who had lived  through the austerity and hardship of the war. 

Lots of these early parties were impromptu gatherings with people bringing whatever food and drink they had at hand and meeting in the street.   Since that time,  street parties have become more organised and often include games and races, music and dancing.

"In 1953, I organised the festivities for Queen Elizabeth's coronation, including a fancy dress parade, a 'glamorous grandmas' contest and a pram race, which involved 'nannies' (men dressed in nursemaid's uniforms) pushing 'babies' (women dressed in bibs and bonnets) around two villages. They had to stop and drink a half-pint at each of the nearby pubs."   Betty Ward, Street Party Organiser

 To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee,  the Eden Project is supportingThe Big Lunch on Sunday, June 3, 2012. Visit their website for instructions on how to make bunting and decorations, see lists of events and activities, and free get downloads to help you with your Big Lunch celebration!