Unexpected Garden Visitor

I have an odd habit, actually I have LOTS of odd habits, but this particular one is taking my cup of early morning breakfast tea and strolling around the garden to see how my plants and seedlings are doing. Since this activity takes place VERY early in the morning,  I usually have the garden to myself or have a little black cat for company at most.  Today I was surprised by this......

By surprised I mean screeching,, tossing tea all over myself  and terrifying an innocent pheasant! 

The pheasant's immediate reaction was to panic and flutter into the side of the house.  Now what do I do!?!

Run inside and grab the camera!   I know, it sounds hard-hearted but by now the pheasant was much calmer and obviously unhurt.  He graciously posed for a few photographs before flying up over the rooftop and into the allotments. 

It's amazing how close we are to nature's wild creatures and we don't even know they are there.  


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