The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Coming from one of the 'Colonies'  you wouldn't expect this but I am a raving Royalist!   It runs in my blood, part of my DNA.  During the American Revolutionary War or War of Independence, as we call it in the States, my forefathers were Loyalists.  I think the Royal Family is a jolly good thing for Great Britain.  I believe the Royal Family are basically 'good eggs' and best of the bunch is Her Royal Highness, the Queen! 

This summer we celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, 60 years of faultless service to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.  It is truly a historic event and it would be churlish not to participate in some small way.  The Official Website of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is filled with lots of information about events and Royal visits. It also contains some wonderful photos from the Queen's childhood to the present day. 

Click on this link and you can send a message of congratulations to the Queen 

In future posts, we will look at some of the ways people are celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.   Hang your bunting, raise your teacup and repeat after me.....GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!