Lunch at River Cottage Canteen - Axminster

Andy and I just got back from a leisurely lunch out.  It's something we like to do as often as possible. It gives us an excuse to travel around the countryside and enjoy locally produced foods.   We like trying new places but we have a 'short list ' of sure fire places we return to time after time.  One of those is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's  River Cottage Canteen, Axminster.

Here in Britain, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has become an eco-warrior and national treasure.  His many television programs have encouraged us to think about where food comes from and how important it is to produce food in ethical and sustainable ways.  More importantly, he has taught us how to make simple foods interesting and delicious!

There is always a buzz in the Canteen.  You can tell that lots of people are there because they have seen it on TV.   They photograph their food, the restaurant and each other! (Yes, I did photograph these things today but it was just to show you!)  Then there are the locals, I include Andy and I in this group, there for the food! 

It's a comfortable, casual environment, staffed by friendly people who really know about food and drink.  Today we chose  Lyme Bay Crab Risotto for starters....

and Fish Curry and Flat bread for the main course....

Both dishes were hearty and rustic, perfect for a cool, grey day like today. The chefs at River Cottage aren't limited to rustic - they also do very refined, elegant meals, too.  The menu changes daily and is planned around locally sourced meats, fish and organic vegetables.  

And when you've finish your meal,  you can stop on the way out at the deli counter and pick up a pie or pastie for later!  Yum!