The Absent Auntie

I started this blog with my young, American nieces in mind.  I want show them some of the special places and things we enjoy here in the United Kingdom.  This is the perfect forum for doing that.  I hope it helps them feel closer to their absent auntie and uncle.

I am new to this blogging thing, so I am keeping it very simple. I have to learn as I go. In some of the posts you will see words that are a different colour from the rest of the text.  These are embedded links that will open a new window to display a website, video or extra information on the main topic.   Click on these coloured words and see where they take you. 

In four weeks, we have gained a slightly larger and slightly more mature group of readers.    I am so flattered that you take the time to visit us.  I hope you continue to visit us and recommend us to your friends.    It's been great fun.  We look forward to sharing lots more food, photos, and adventures! 

P.S.  We'd love it if you'd like to share some of your favourite things, too. 


  1. Its been a while since i've commented but I havent forgoten. I've been thinking about it but havent had much tme because of dance and school.This is such a cool blog post! Speaking of favorites I have two questions for you: what is your fav color and fav song? My fav song is Misery by Maroon 5, and my fav color is blue. My fav food is the rolls my Dad makes. We normaly eat them on holidays. (i am running out of space so i am stopping) Love, Jess

    1. Hiya Jess! Don't worry about not having time to write a lot. We know you are very busy. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. My favourite song is the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars because I like the dancing monkeys! I change my mind about my favourite song from day to day. My favourite color is turquoise, which as you know, is a kind of blue! SNAP! I LOVE rolls, especially when they are warm from the oven and have lots of butter on them! YUM!

      Thanks for writing! Love ya! Auntie D x


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