A Day with the Donkeys

There is something so endearing about donkeys.  I think it is a combinations of their dark, soulful eyes and their calm, gentle nature.  Unfortunately, donkeys are some of the most horribly abused creatures on Earth.  Fortunately, there a people who devote their lives to finding ways to protect and help these beautiful animals.  The Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth is an amazing animal charity devoted to donkey welfare and it's only a few miles from our home so we can visit as often as we like!

The Donkey Sanctuary is nestled in lush green valleys with views towards the sea.  The staff is loving and devoted and the animals respond to the care lavished on them by growing plump and playful.  It is a wonderful place to visit.

You can bring a picnic or have lunch in their cafe.  They have special activities for children, special events throughout the year and a gift shop full of all things 'donkey'.

But the best part of visiting the Donkey Sanctuary is just spending quiet time in the countryside with such happy, beautiful creatures. There is no resisting their charm!