Happy Easter!

Easter brings to mind bunnies and there is not a more famous bunny than Peter Rabbit. It's hard to believe this little bunny is 110 years old!  But charm is ageless and Peter Rabbit is charm personified.


 I confess, I was an adult before I read Beatrix Potter's books.  It was the author's beautiful watercolour illustrations that drew me in but after one book, The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit, I was hooked!  The collection of books let to a trip to Hilltop Farm, the home of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.

The stories come to life as you walk through the gardens. 

The interior of the house is decorated and furnished just as it was during Beatrix's lifetime.  Copies of the illustrations are placed in each room so you can see that the storybook pictures were actually set in the farm house at Hilltop.  Just as the settings of the stories are based on a real farm, I have no doubt that the animal characters that inhabit the books are based on real people. I dare say, when you read a Beatrix Potter story you will  recognise a familiar character or two. 

While the fictional world of Beatrix Potter is enchanting, her real life story is no less interesting.  She was a woman ahead of her time, a brilliant artist, author, naturalist, feminist and conservationist.  Without her foresight and generous contributions to the National Trust, most of the wonderful countryside of the Lake District would not be preserved as it is today. 

If you have few moments, take a look at the links I've embedded in this text, especially the one for Peter Rabbit..... and have a very HAPPY EASTER!