Traditional Friday Fish Supper

People are creatures of habit.  Sometimes the habits are so old we don't even know when they started.  Take the traditional Friday fish supper, if you drive down to the seashore on a Friday evening,  any time of year, you will see in the parking spaces car after car of people dining on fish and chips.  They balance their food on their knees, salt and vinegar bottles on the dashboard, munching away using the tiny wooden forks provided by the  best local  fish and chip shop, Krispies.

I suppose it all started hundreds of years ago when the Church included  Friday as a 'fast' day and no flesh was allowed to be consumed.   Poor old fish didn't count as flesh so they were on the menu!  The Tudor Queen, Elizabeth I, decreed that fish be consumed several days a week to support the British fishing industry and to make sure there were lots of little boats she could commandeer for the Royal Navy.  Compliance not optional! 

It's not a bad habit, Fish Supper Friday.  Actually it's really delicious if your supper comes from an award winning chippy like Hanbury's.  But I think what really brings us all to the seafront is the view.

Save a parking place for me.  I'll see you on the seafront.  Don't forget the tartar sauce!