Cockle Sands, the Exe Estuary

From the air, southwest England looks like a patchwork quilt.  One of the brightest colours in this patchwork comes from fields of  rapeseed plants in full bloom. The vivid yellow flowers appear almost luminous against the lust green of pastures. 

Add the deep blue of the sea and you have a stunning combination.

This is Cockle Sands, part of the Exe Estuary, where the sea meets the river Exe.  It is a favourite spot for Wind Surfers.......

Kite surfers.......

and Dog Walkers!

It is also home to the Exmouth Sailing Club

Andy and I like Cockle Sands, too.  We have been known to eat a few fish and chip suppers here.   I think it looks best this time of year, when the rapeseed fields are in bloom.


  1. Hi it me,Sara!
    That dog is soooooooo cute!And the kite surfer and the boats are cool! I did not write much but ... See you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Sara!

      The kite surfing looks like fun but you have to be very strong to do it! That dog was playing in the ocean until he saw me. I think he wanted his photo taken.

      Don't worry about writing a lot. If you wanted you could just say 'Hi' or 'I like this' or 'WOW'. ; ) Sometimes that's what I write just 'WOW'.

      Thanks for writing! Love ya!
      Aunt Deb X

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