Seashore versus Supermarket

We live in a lovely seaside town.  In Estate Agent speak it's a 'desirable location'.  Turn left at the end of our road and in two minutes you are at the local supermarket.  Turn right at the end of our road and in two minutes you are on one of the longest golden sand beaches in Devon.  This sounds idyllic until you have to do a big grocery shop on a sunny day.

I start out armed with a shopping list, coupons, eco-friendly shopping bags and a steely determination to re-stock our depleted cupboards.  Then it all goes horribly wrong.  A the end of our road I turn right!

I blame the dogs!

There are always dogs playing on the beach.  Their joy is infectious as you watch them dashing into the sea, playing fetch with their masters or simply digging great holes in the soft sand.  There is no way to resist .... you have to smile...and watch.... and forget about the supermarket.

I suppose I can buy some milk at the corner shop, eat another omelet, and try again tomorrow. Let's hope it's not so warm and sunny!


  1. I would totally choose the seashore every time! And I REALLY want that adorable puppy in the pics! :)

  2. I want him too! The problem is there are dozen of dogs and puppies as endearing do you choose?!

  3. Hi Ant Debi "It`s me Sara"! Like I side your blog is soooooo cool and cute! Thos dog`s are soooooo cute I whont them soooooo bad so you see thos two dogs every time? It whoud be cool If I saw two dogs at my bech!
    Sara Corrine Selph

    1. Hiya Sara! I am really glad you like my blog. It's so much fun for me too. Sometimes I see the same dogs at the beach but there are so many playing on the sand that you get confused! It doesn't matter because they are all so cute and funny. I'll post more photos of the dogs soon! Big hugs.... Aunt Deb X

  4. WOW!!!!!!! I want to go to England soooooooooo badly now! That dog is so cute! It must be fun to see all these animals every day. Sara and I each have a fish. How is Bubbles doing? We just got out on spring break! Hope you are well!
    P.S. tell Uncle Andy Beefeater Bear and I say hi! :)

    1. Hiya Jessica! Uncle Andy and I want you to come visit us in England,too! We could have so much fun! I think we could find lots of things to do, don't you? Bubbles is doing very well. I will tell him you asked about him. Uncle Andy and I are fine, too. It was kind of you to ask! I used to have some fish. They were called Bait and Shushi! ; ) Have fun on your Spring Break. Big hugs...Aunt Deb X

      P.S. Hi to Beefy Bear, too!


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