Letters from America - Part 2

The arrival of the postman always causes a flurry of activity in our house.  It is a race to see who to gets to the mail first.  I don't know why, it's usually just junk and bills.  Today was different, the mail contained two very colourful letters from America!

Our nieces have been on Easter holiday and wrote to tell us what they had been doing.  One day out was to Chicago to see the Sears Tower, 103 floors of metal and glass. You get a panoramic view of the city from the Skydeck after a ride on one of the fastest elevators in the world!

You feel like you can step out into the sky!

It was lovely to hear about their trip to the big city but what I enjoyed most in the letters were their wonderful drawings!  Look at Jessica's yummy ice cream..... 

and her excellent robin.

Here is a brilliant fish and flower, too!
Sara's letter includes some special greetings.....

But what our little Dust Bunny liked most ........

was seeing his portrait!  Thank you for the lovely letters!


  1. i LOVE that they have Daddy's art talent! They wrote the letters on their own, with no prompting, and were very excited to send them. Glad you enjoyed them!

    1. We really enjoyed those letters! The girls put so much effort into them. I rather think you sell yourself short in the art talent department.... I've seen the birthday party photos and have the invitations to prove it! ; )

  2. " Yay i'm in the first picture!" " Scooch over Beefy i'm trying to type!" Beefy sure likes to type. JFFGVh%ydudf^&89303dahg. " Beefy stop that!!" Well i'm glad you like the letter and that Bubbles liked his portrait. I have to say bye before Mr.Beefy ruins my comment. "sorry!"
    love, Jess & Beefy

    1. Hello Jess... Hello Beefy!

      Uncle Andy and I LOVED the letter! Beefy, you look very handsome in your picture. I have heard lots of compliments on your drawings. I've been showing them off. Thank you for thinking of us and writing such a brilliant letter. Nice to hear from you too Beefy!

      Love you both!
      Aunt Deb X

  3. Hi Aunt Deb! Beefy keeps looking in the mirror ever since I read him your comment! ;)


  4. Hi! I do not no if I told you this before?I got a stuffed bare named him Ben also known as baby Ben! he is brown and has brown eyes. He goes with me EVERYWHERE!Beeeeeeslj Ben I am typing! Well I hope we come visit you soon.come see us soon! Bye

    Sara & Ben;) Look hes sticking his tongue out ;p


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