Puppy Dog Tails

The rain it raineth every day.... at least it feels like it.  We have been going through a wet patch for the past week.  The garden looks better for it but it means that I haven't been getting out and about much.  So, to take our minds off the weather, lets look at some of Andy's photos taken on a sunnier day.

Anytime you go down to the beach, you will find people walking their dogs, winter or summer, rain or shine.

A few people keep their dogs close to them, but most let their dogs off their leads to greet one another and play. 

These dogs are 'regulars' at the seafront. Their owners bring them to the beach almost every day. They play tag, fetch driftwood sticks, and swim in the sea.  Sometimes they chase the seagulls or dig big holes in the sand.

Now there is a new puppy to join in the fun.  He has a lot of growing to do before he can keep up with the big dogs, but he is doing his best!

I guess you could say it is the beginning of a new tail. 


  1. "Hi its me Beefy! Beefy stop hogging the key-board!" Sorry, Beefy got a little crazy. He wanted to say that he thinks the puppys r very cute and so do I. Love,Jess

  2. Oh Beefy, you are such an excitable little bear! I thought you and Beefy would like these photos. Those dogs were having so much fun and we were having fun watching them, too. Did you notice that the adult dogs are bigger than that little girl in the photo? I bet they weigh as much as you do! I'd love to have dogs like that!

    Love to you and Beefy,
    Aunt Deb X


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