Letter from America

Something unexpected happened this weekend.  I received a large, brown envelope postmarked from the U.S.A.  This envelope contained some very interesting things; some lovely handmade birthday cards, school photos of two lovely girls , a tiny test tube full of candy and invitations to two birthday parties (one an invitation to a 'Sewing Party' and the other to a 'Mad Scientist' party, hence the test tube of candy)  .  All this in my letter from America- from my American nieces, Jessica and Sara!  There was one other very curious object in my large envelope- a very,very flat boy named Stanley.

It seems Stanley had an unfortunate accident with a bulletin board, so the story goes.  One would think that being squished flat would be most inconvenient but it has one advantage, cheap airfare!  Stanley has travelled the world via various postal systems and now he is visiting us for a while.  Stanley is a sort of exchange student and must send photos and reports back to the student who posted him, in this case, Sara.

Before Stanley begins his tour of the West Country he is having a little rest.  I suppose he is feeling a little flat and a bit jet lagged!