Pub Quiz Night- Revenge of the Nerds!

Tonight is Pub Quiz Night, a great British institution!  I LOVE quiz night! 

I don't think you would look at me and say 'Now she looks like a real threat!'  I am not the most competitive person, well, not in the conventional way.

Uncoordinated,and nonathletic, in school I was always the last girl to be picked for team sports.  Introverted, I spend most of the summer holidays in the local library or with my best friend, Ruth, who was just as much a nerd as I.  I tell you this, not to appeal to your sympathy, we nerds have our moments.

When there was a math relay, spelling bee, or a sentence to be diagrammed, we were the  FIRST to be picked.  When the teacher announced that we would be having a 'pop quiz', other students would groan and hold their heads in their hands.  'Oh goodie', Ruth and I would exclaim, rubbing our hands together with glee.  We had read a chapter ahead .... horrible little swats! 

I had the same response, 'Oh goodie', when my friend Eilean invited me to the Quiz Night.  We have a pretty nifty team, if I say so myself:  
  • Eilean; attended university in Edinburgh and knows her stuff, excellent with languages, literature, classical music-opera, knows the Latin names of plants and so much more!
  • Leslie; Eilean's husband, Cambridge educated, brilliant all-rounder, great with word puzzles, theatre and sports, amazing encyclopedic scope and a passion for the game!
  •  Andy; my husband, excellent with movies, music, all things computer, modern history, and science- an avid reader with a huge range of knowledge.  Brains are sexy! 
  • and.... ME!
 Among us, we have most subjects covered.  We almost always have an answer for every question.  The answer may not be the one the Quiz Master is looking for, but our responses often seem more accurate or at least as rational as the 'official' ones!  It's great fun and I can't wait for tonight! 

I have to go now.  I am off to do some revising for the quiz.

I know... I am still a NERD!


  1. That sounds like a blast! I have already put together my "Yank" team (in my own mind) that I would love to bring over with me for a friendly match! It consists of my cousin Bill, his wife Donna, my cousin Ana and of course, Kevin! Those four together make up lots of brain power, lots of inconsecquencial knowledge and fits of laughter until you cry. They would be fierce! Sounds like you have quite a full social calendar. How fun!! Nerds Rule! xoxo

    1. I would LOVE that. WARNING... This quizzing stuff is seriously addictive! Not as bad as chocolate but a close second! ;)


    2. I meant "inconsequential". Hmmm, I USED to be good at spelling. That is why I would be the "manager" of the group and not one of the players. ha

    3. I blame Spell Check on my deteriorating spelling,and the fact that American English and British English spell words differently, color vs colour,etc.! The good thing about our quiz is that they don't deduct points for spelling errors! Believe me, I am grateful for that! :)


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