Lunch at Greendale Farm Shop

Here in Devon we have a lot of farm shops.  They range from HUGE complexes like Dart's Farm to tiny hole-in-the-wall shops tucked in a corner of an old out building.  They are fascinating places to visit and offer some of the best local food you can imagine. 

One of the very best, in my opinion, is Greendale Farm Shop. It's my 'local' and I refer to it, affectionately, as the Chicken Ranch.

The place is hopping with free range chickens.  Hundreds of them provide the freshest eggs.

And sheep.....

I was lucky enough to get to help bottle feed some of the very young lambs. They were adorable!  The farm dog might greet you when you arrive. There are so many animals to visit.

But it's lunch that I look forward to most!  This was a bacon and brie toasty made with  Hobbs House bread. (Sound familiar, it's made at TVs Fabulous Baker Brothers bakery!) The side salads are works of art and I won't even tell you about the cakes, pies, ice cream, candies, cheese counter, fish monger, butcher shop, fruit and veg .......

Great food and you can even talk to the animals....that's my kind of farm shop!


  1. WoW! I wish our Grocery Stores were like that!

  2. You wouldn't believe all the animals they have there. There are cows, pigs, ostriches, llamas, sheep, chickens and farm dogs. You can even buy an ostrich egg which is HUGE, equal to a dozen chicken eggs! That would make a really BIG omlette! I wonder what they taste like!

    Love ya! X


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