Brixham, Historic Fishing Town

The coast of Devon has lots of ancient villages.  Generally, they are colourful places to visit, each with it's own unique character.  Brixham is one of the most interesting.  It has been a busy fishing port since before Saxon times and continues to have a thriving fishing industry.

The town is built on the hillsides leading down to the harbour, so everything seems to be uphill!  Pastel coloured cottages clinging to the steep streets have been home to the fishermen who go to sea in their trawlers every day.  

The second largest industry in Brixham is tourism.  The delicious seafood and quaint shops draw large numbers of visitors every summer.  

A replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship, the Golden Hind, is moored in the harbour. In 1577, Drake circumnavigated the globe in the Golden Hind making him a great maritime hero.  To the Spanish he was a pirate! 

The modern pleasure boats look small and simple compared to the Hind.  

Brixham is filled with lots of lovely old pubs, seafood restaurants and pastie shops.

We can recommend this pastie shop for lunch.  Very nice!  I'm coming back for fish and know it's bound to be great!  The fishermen have just brought them in from the sea.

 Thank you, Brixham, for a lovely day out.