The East Budleigh Scarecrow Festival

East Budleigh is famous for being the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh.  Every June, Raleigh takes second place to some special temporary residents.... Scarecrows!  Like this proper chap!

The Scarecrow Festival is a charitable event and the whole community participates.  Everywhere you go you will find scarecrows like this diver....

Or these flowerpot men.

I saw a Mexican musician playing his guitar.

An Olympic torch bearer was there....

and a cyclist.

Batman was sitting in his garden having a cool drink.

But the very BEST of all was this ROBOT with his little scarecrow friend....

complete with an umbrella! Well you wouldn't want him to rust in the rain, would you!  


  1. Hi Aunt Deb!
    Those scarecrows are so cool! I like the one playing the guitar.

  2. Hiya Jess!

    I really had fun looking at all the scarecrows. There were lots more but I couldn't put all of them on the blog so I picked some of my favorites. If you made a scarecrow what would it look like?

    Thanks for writing! Love ya! Aunt Deb X


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