Uncle Andy's Panda for Beefy Bear and Baby Ben

This is a special post for Beefy Bear and Baby Ben Bear.   Thank you for being so kind and looking after Sara and Jessica.  I know they love you very much.  Uncle Andy has a special bear, too.   His name is Panda.

Panda is an old bear, he is 48 in human years.  I don't know how old that is in Teddy years.  He was Uncle Andy's first toy and we take very good care of him....as you can see.  Panda isn't alone, oh no,  Uncle Andy has other cuddly toys as well.  

This is Geeky Bear, he comes from a Computer company as you can tell from his T-shirt.

This is John West, he came from a tuna fish company.  I really like John, he looks  like a real bear! Click here to see John West Bear in action.

And Monkee advertises a certain brand of tea here in Britain.  He is a very funny fellow.  Click on this link to see Monkey

So, Baby Ben and Beefy, you can see how important your jobs are.  You will be needed and loved for a very long time.  Panda is still working hard every day looking after Uncle Andy, good thing he has help from all the other cuddlies!


  1. Hi it`s Ben! And Sara!
    The John West Bear is funny and so is the video! Am shear Jessica will like it. she loves pandas.When I sow the monkey I was speech lies. once we went to linkin park zoo and sow a baby monkey at the glass. the dad got Mad and hit the glass.

    Sara & Ben Aka baby Ben

    1. Hi Ben and Sara!

      I am glad you enjoyed seeing the videos. I love Monkey. He has made lots of commercials, all of them are funny. Uncle Andy and I went to a zoo and saw lots of baby chimps. Sometimes they act just like human babies. Amazing!

      Love to you both! Aunt Deb X

  2. Cool Post! I like all the different bears! Now Beefy has some long distance friends!

    1. Hiya Jess!

      These are just a few of Uncle Andy's toys. I will post some more later. Beefy will have lots more long distance friends soon!

      Love to you and Beefy! Aunt Deb X


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