Stop! Thief!

Every morning I fill the bird feeders in the garden.  Every evening they are practically empty.  Now I know why! 

The squirrel waits for me to fill the feeder and in he sneaks, looking for that little black cat.  He doesn't like the Dust Bunny but he isn't afraid me!

It's like watching a trapeze artist.

He eats his breakfast, lunch, and dinner hanging up-side-down.

I have to say, I love the squirrel shaped shadow on the opposite side of the fence.  When he's eaten his fill, it's back over the fence and into the allotments.  Tomorrow morning, we will do it all over again!


  1. Hi it's Sara here! At first I thot it was a cat cuse of it tail. but then I sow it was a sqirl. have you every sen AFV the show becase thar was a sqirl on a bird feeder and it was swing orond;)



    1. Hey Sara!

      Uncle Andy and I watch all those video shows. We like the animal ones the best. I think we get The Animal Plant one. Do you think this squirrel should be on the show?

      Thanks for writing! Love ya! Aunt Deb X

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