A Natural Beauty - Still Life of Fruit

Today has been one of those 'catching up on the chores' kind of day.  I am sorry, there isn't any new recipe for you to try.   I can't take you on an arm chair journey to an old market town or to any other destination.  I've stayed at home, done the laundry and a few other tasks that I've been putting off.  

 While washing the dishes I noticed something.  Lined up on the window ledge were some berries I'd brought in from the patch and they looked so pretty.

There was even a little bit of garden soil still stuck to the tiniest berry.  

The tomatoes looked luminous and nearly perfect.  I wish I could say I'd grown them.  

Even the lemons looked an especially bright sunshine yellow.  

It all reminded me of a still life painting.  Then I realized, this isn't getting the chores done!  Back to work!   


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