Garden Stare Down: Bun vs Dust Bunny

Our little cat knows every inch of our garden, each blade of grass, and every bug in it.  It's his patch and he doe not tolerate any interlopers!

So, he was not best pleased when I brought home a bunny!  

Not a real bunny, that would be too dangerous!  At first, he tried to stare the bunny down.  But the bunny didn't blink.  

Then he tried all of his 'Cute Kitty' moves, but the bunny didn't fall for that either.  It's was all too humiliating for the Dust Bunny.  Nobody had ever been able to resist his charms before.

He had to preserve his dignity some how. That bunny was looking too smug. There was only one thing the little black cat could do..... escape under the fence and into HIS allotments!  


  1. That Post is sooooo CUTE! It's funny how Bubbles tried to stare-down the fake bunny and then surrendered and ran away. I hope I can meet the Dust Bunny someday. :)

  2. He is a very funny little cat. Uncle Andy and I have so much fun playing with him. You will love him, too. He has such lovely, soft fur and beautiful green eyes!

    Love from Bubbles and Aunt Deb =^.^=


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