More Boy's Toys

Yesterday, we met Panda and his friends, the Cuddlies. The toys don't stop there.  Here are a few more of Uncle Andy's toys:

Andy made this model tank.  I am not allowed to dust it because it has lots of little 'bits' that I might break off.  (Thank goodness!)

He won these miniature boxing gloves at a fun fair.

This is my favourite, a Geeky Computer Rubber Ducky.  He even has a Bluetooth and a tie.  Hmmm, he sort of reminds me of Uncle Andy.

Here are some Red Dwarf 'thingies'.  Don't ask me, I am just a girl and I don't understand Red Dwarf.  

Wallace, from the wonderful 'Wallace and Gromit' movies.  Does he kind of look like Uncle Andy?  

Just like it says on the tin, Seinfeld Playing Cards. 

This bad guy from the 'Iron Man' movie came in a Happy Meal.  No, Uncle Andy doesn't eat Happy Meals..... I DO!  (No, he doesn't remind me of Andy) 

Finally, Uncle Andy's favourite...... Cartman!

So you can see, Uncle Andy still loves toys.  I have to admit, I do, too!


  1. Where can I get one of those Geeky Computer Rubber Ducks?

    1. I bought this duck a few years ago in a shop in the Brunswick Centre in London. I am sorry to say that shop is now closed. Perhaps you can use Google to find a shop that carries them online. I hope you can find one. : )


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