I generally don't mind stormy weather.  To tell the truth I like it when it rains.  But lately, our weather has been ghastly!  Even the snails are climbing the walls to keep dry!

The roses are bruised and battered.  The daisies are laying flat on the ground.  If the weatherman is to be believed, we will have gale force winds by tomorrow.   The huge, papery blossoms of the poppies don't have a hope of surviving the impending tempest.   

Between the showers I've rushed out to take a few photos.  

It will be the only way we can enjoy the poppies' brilliant, showy flowers. 

Fingers crossed, the weather forecast will be wrong and we will have a few more days to enjoy them.   I hope!


  1. Beautiful. How did they fare in the storm or was your weatherman about as accurate as ours?

  2. Amazingly, the poppies did pretty well through the storm. It seems the weather people are very accurate when predicting gale force winds. I guess they can see them coming across the expanse of ocean!


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