Pushing Up Daisies- Littleham Church

When I was a school girl in Missouri we studied English history.  I learned about Sir Francis Drake, Queen Elizabeth I and the Battle of Trafalgar.  Now, as an adult, I live near the birth place of Drake and our local parish church is the final resting place of Lord Nelson's wife!  

The church of St. Margaret and St. Andrew, in Littleham, dates back to the 13th century and the Chancel still remains.  

The north aisle, known as Drakes Aisle, was added in the 16th century and paid for by the Drake family.  Lady Nelson is buried in the church yard and there is a memorial to her in the Chantry.  

It's not just historical interest that takes us to the church yard, Andy has family buried here, too.  

It's an ancient burial place, but not morbid.  Covered in daisies and other wild flowers, it's full of songbirds and is strangely beautiful. 

It's fascinating to read the old tombstones.  They often have a brief history of the individuals and their families.  These stories tell the history of the local village. 

The church at Littleham gives you a sense of continuity and comfort but it's the historical significance that overwhelms me.  My neighbourhood church was Drake's church, too.  I feel like that little school girl learning about English history ....WOW!