Vintage Cookbooks - Return to Childhood

When I left the United States to come live in Britain I had to leave most of my belongings behind.  I could only bring what I could pack in a few suitcases and take on the plane. I sold all my furniture and housewares, gave away most of my books and all of my kitchen equipment.  I came over with just my clothes, some photos and a few handwritten recipes.  I thought it would be hard to give up all of my possessions but it was easy.  I had so much to look forward to, I didn't need to look back.

That was over ten years ago and I have long replaced most of the 'things' I left behind.  There are a few items I now wish I could have brought with me because they remind me of my Mom and Dad and my childhood.  Fortunately, I have found a replacement for one very precious item, a vintage 1950 Betty Crocker Cook Book. 

This was the one and only cook book I remember my Mom owning when I was a child.  It was stained and dogeared from use.  We referred to it for making almost everything!  My copy is a modern reprint but it is exactly like Mom's and I have spent hours pouring over it.  I hope in the future to share some of the recipes with you, for now I am just reading and remembering. 

I've enjoyed this old fashioned cook book so much that I am now making an effort to find vintage British 'Cookery Books'.   Recently, I bought one printed in the 1970's.  I am hoping that it contains some of the food that will spark childhood memories for Andy.   I must ask Maggie, my English mum-in-law, what was her 'go to' cookery book.  I need a copy of that one, too!

It's food for thought, you may think you are making a meal but you are really making memories!


  1. Might I have any of her cookbooks in my basement? Hmmm, I will check around the next time I go through things down there. If I cleaned out that area of the house in Homewood, you may be in luck. If your brother did, not so much. Heres to hoping! :)

  2. I would be great if you find some of Mom's old cookbooks! I'll keep my fingers crossed! Maybe the girls would find them interesting, too.


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