Fermoy's for Food and Flowdies

Farm shops are big business here in Britain.  I feel obliged to try and visit as many as I can.  Today we had lunch and did a little shopping at Fermoy's .

Like many farm shops, Fermoy's began as a working farm and has grown into an award winning garden centre, farm shop and country store.  It has a lovely cafe and an amazing butcher's shop.

They sell a large variety of sausages, we are working our way through the different flavours.   Each sausage is just as good as the next!

The baked goods and sweets are beautiful, far more elegant than you would expect from a country store.

It's almost impossible to make a choice....

Would you like Scrumpy cider or fine wines?  Both are available.

From housewares to wellies, garden implements and pet supplies, Fermoy's has it all.  When you have shopped to your heart's content, you can have breakfast, lunch or tea in the Cafe.  

And there are plants......lots of plants!  I am going to make another trip to see the garden centre and have lunch.  Did I mention, they do a lovely lunch?


  1. What are Flowdies? I'd love to shop there with you and Andy. I must have a pair of those wellies.

    We must start a campaign for the Selph family to cross the pond soon! The whole family would love everything on your blog. I will be your stateside advocate.

    Love to you and Andy.

    1. Flowdies are what Andy calls flowers. It's a British thing, they say brollies for umbrellas and breakie for breakfast. Honestly, it's a whole other language!

      Come on over! We'd have a great time! There is just one problem, how do you choose which pair of wellies to purchase?



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