The Art of the British Picnic

The British know how to have a picnic!  They have picnic-ing down to a ART!  

I mean, when have you ever seen an American family construct a picnic table out of sand?  This is a photo of Andy's family and friends at Holcombe Bay in 1971. (Andy is the little boy in the white shirt on the far left.)

They planned  picnics like a military campaign.  Menus were agreed and food preparation had to be started days in advance.   They didn't have dried out old sandwiches and bags of crisps! Picnics required serious baking.  Pies, tarts, quiche and cakes were regular picnic fare.  

My mum-in-law, Maggie in the striped shirt, would spend the day before the picnic up to her elbows in pastry!  It certainly looks like it was worth it!  After all the cooking was done, it was time to pack the hamper and head off to the beach.

Actually, there are different picnic kits for different kinds of picnics.  We have three picnic sets:

  1. Back Pack picnic set for beach and country walks 
  2. Picnic Basket for simple tea and biscuit picnics
  3. Fortnum and Mason Hamper with proper china plates and crystal glassware for posh concerts and plays held on the grounds of stately homes - well, you can't take a paper plate to Powderham Castle, can you! 
Yes, you have to admit, the British sure know how to have a picnic!