On the Wish List - An Upcycled Greenhouse

I find it fascinating how imaginative people can be, especially ecologically minded people.  I have long dreamt of having a greenhouse but my garden just won't accommodate one. So, I accept that I will just have to enjoy looking at these wonderful greenhouses all made of used windows and doors.

How elegant is this greenhouse?  It's reminds me of a Victorian home.

Bright and cheerful, this greenhouse looks a bit like a gingerbread house.

This flower covered greenhouse looks like the perfect place to have tea and scones!

This timbered greenhouse has an alpine feel or is it half-timbered Tudor?  Either way, I'd love to have it in my garden.

If you feel inspired to build an upcycled greenhouse, visit this website for more photos and information:http://inspirationgreen.com/greenhouses-made-from-old-windows-and-doors.html


  1. Those greenhouses look great. I'm just wondering how efficient they are compared to other backyard greenhouses and greenhouse kits. I know that insulation, heating and cooling are all considerations for greenhouse gardening.

    1. Hiya Dan!

      I am sure that some greenhouse kits would be more appropriate for some gardeners. If you plan to grow crops in the greenhouse year round heating, cooling and insulation become much greater concerns. I have seen greenhouses constructed out of recycled materials that have the most remarkable ground source heating systems. They were built by proper boffins who were professional engineers. I also question the use of old double-glazing windows. I understand many of them have UV filters. I wonder if that effects plant growth.

      Still, you have to admit, these greenhouses LOOK great and probably meet the needs of most home gardeners. If you just want to start some spring seedlings or keep a few semi-hardy plants safe in winter, these stylish greenhouses would probably do the trick. Of course, I am lucky, I live in the part of the UK which rarely has hard winters. That makes all aspects of gardening easier.

      Thanks for visiting us! It was good hearing from you.


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