Beach Huts

I must confess, I am fascinated with beach huts.  Perhaps it's not the beach huts but the people who occupy them and how they utilize them.  

Some are simply like garden sheds, full of beach equipment; wet suits, surf boards, very utilitarian.  

Some look like home from home, complete with drapery, china and a little stove for making tea and light lunches.  

Compared to the cozy cottage style of the previous beach hut, this one looks very Bohemian with the stripey carpet and large bottle of cider.  

These ladies visit their beach hut almost daily, all year 'round. Their hut is one of the most comfortably furnished.  The little birds wait for them to scatter crumbs from their tea, just like feeding birds in the garden.

Some people are more seasonal occupants but it's obvious how much they love their beach huts.  

It feels like a little village.  Everyone was friendly and willing to let me photograph them. 

And just like a village, there are the grand beach houses up on the hillside.  They have the best view but they don't look like they are having nearly as much fun!  

Thanks to all the Exmouth beach hut dwellers for their hospitality!


  1. This post is so wonderfully English and summery!

    I now want to see you in your beach hut xx


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