Thank You Very Much!

Four months ago I started this little blog.  I thought it would be fun to share with my family and friends, the adventures and experiences living the UK has provided me.  I wasn't sure what to write about or if anyone would want to read it.  You were all so kind and gave up your time to read my ramblings so I want to say ......

And a special 'thank you' to all of the new readers who have joined us from all over the world*!  I am so pleased you've come to visit and hope you return often! 

* To date our readers have come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Canada, Germany, Latvia, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, Italy, Estonia, the Philippines, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, China, Denmark, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Japan! WOW!


  1. Thank YOU is what we should be saying! I throughly enjoy reading this blog. And the fact that you started it for OUR girls is just too awesome! :) Onward and upward. xoxo


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