Rain Drops On Roses

Shhhh.... don't tell anybody but I love it when it rains.   After a long, sunny, dry spell, a gentle rain is most welcome in my garden.  Things were starting to look a bit parched, but early this morning we had a soft shower and the flowers were drinking it in.

So like the mad woman I am, in my pj's and slippers, I wandered out into the garden to take some photos to share with you.  The raindrops on this rose tempts me to type something sickening like.... the blushing cheek of the rose was bejeweled with nature's tears.....YUCK!  That sounds like Madeline Bassett from a Wodehouse novel.

But you have to admit, these droplets do look lovely sitting on the leaves of the Columbine.  

This little geum flower was almost weighed down with raindrops.


The sweet peas were bobbing up and down, the flowers are almost too heavy to be supported by their stems when wet.  

Funny things, sweet peas, they have such a wonderful scent, lovely flowers and leaves tough as old cabbages.  

That's enough underwater photography, I'm getting wet!  I think I'll enjoy the raindrops on the roses through the French windows with a hot cup of tea.