Posh Toasted Cheese Sandwich - Somerset Brie

I love toasted cheese sandwiches.  I am suspicious of anyone who doesn't love toasted cheese sandwiches!   I've tried several variations on the the cheese sandwich theme, but this is my favourite....after the traditional Cheddar toasted cheese sandwich, of course.  It's cranberry and Somerset Brie!

Somerset Brie is a locally made cheese.  It has a lovely, mild taste and melts into the most luxurious goo.  Add the sweet-tart taste of cranberries, a couple of slices of home made bread,  and you have my idea of heaven on a plate. 

Simply spread a little cranberry pickle or cranberry sauce on to the bread.  Add a few slices of brie* and place the sandwich into a hot frying pan.  I don't even butter the bread, I like the crispness dry toasting gives the bread.  Pop a lid on the frying pan, turn down the heat, and let the bread toast on one side for a couple of minutes.   Turn the sandwich over and toast the other slice of bread.  When the bread is golden, the brie melted and oozing, you are ready to serve. 

I like to slice a crunchy apple to eat along with the sandwich.  Apples and cheese are so delicious together.  If you are a carnivore, try adding a couple rashers of fried bacon to the sandwich before toasting.  The combination of salty bacon, soft cheese and tangy cranberry is wonderful!  It's so simple, it's so satisfying and it's my LUNCH!   

*For those unfortunate readers who can't get our local Somerset Brie, please try this dish with an ordinary brie.  I am sure you will still enjoy it.  


  1. This is making me so hungry, I know whats going on my shopping list tomorrow :)


  2. I always have a wedge of Somerset Brie in the fridge, then I know I can have a tasty treat anytime! I hope you enjoy it, too.

  3. I agree, toast any kind of cheese between two slices of bread and I am IN! I have never seen anything like the red onion and cranberry. Sounds interesting. You know the 3 other peeps in this house probably wouldn't try it. ;) Well, maybe Sara would try. Oh, have I got a recipe for you using brie! Great, another blog post! Yay! I am going to start making a physical list to work from! So fun! Your brother has a great resturant idea for our downtoen Frankfort and it involves cheese and bread. I think it would be a hit. xoxo

    1. Gimme that recipe and email me Kev's idea. That way no one can steal it and open a restaurant before you do. ; ) By the way, I have a little black notebook that I jot ideas in as they come to mind or I'd forget them. When I am stuck for an idea for a post, I refer back to the little black book!


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