The Subdued Garden

Those of you residing in the U.K. know how strange the summer weather has been.   Cold, wet, more like autumn than summer. While the United States suffers a heatwave, we are wearing woolies and wellies and battling the armies of slugs and snails that lay waste to every plant in their path!  Even the plants seem more subdued.

Peter Rabbit pensively munches his carrot, wondering when the sun will return.

The sweet peas are stunted and have yet to produce a flower.

The geum buds remain tightly closed against the cold nights.

Even the stone hedgehog looks a bit cross and fed up.  It is a garden in waiting, biding it's time.  Give us a day or two of warm sun and it will burst into life again.  For now, we wait, not patiently, for the summer to return to the garden.