Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bird's Nest Brunch

I've been playing with my food again.   When I was a kid, the one thing that was sure to get your 'ears boxed' was playing with your food.  Well, it was a threat really, I never got my ears boxed, heads were off limits.  Bottoms were another matter.... but enough of that!  So I was in the kitchen making hash browns....

when I saw my scone cutter.....

and I thought....

This would be really good with an egg fried in the middle!

So, I cut a whacking great hole in the middle of my hash browns, cracked in an egg, a bit of salt and pepper and popped a lid on the pan.  After a couple of minutes the egg had cooked, but the yolk was still soft.  Perfect, I want to dip that crispy hash brown into that rich, yellow yolk. 

A few freshly chopped chives, a sprig of parsley and a geum* flower later and I had brunch.  See, it isn't always bad to play with your food!  

*This flower is just for decoration, please DO NOT eat any flower unless you KNOW it is safe to do so.  

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