Morning Commute

This time of year it isn't unusual to drive past fields of wildflowers.  The season begins early in the spring with the golden daffodils gradually giving way to white daisies, ragged robins, and many other native plants. Sometimes you will see drifts of red poppies, but this was an unexpected sight....  

Acres and acres of poppies!

The red flowers are the wild corn poppy, the symbol of remembrance.

The pale coloured flowers appear to be Papaver Somniferum or the opium poppy.

If you would like to see them, you will find these fabulous fields near Stonehenge in Wiltshire. But hurry, who knows how long they will last!

Thanks to Andy for taking these lovely photos and letting me share them with you.  


  1. What a beautiful view! I wish my morning commute looked like that!

    The first thing I do when I get into the office is check your site. Thank you for such wonderful posts; it is cool to enjoy England from a tiny little office outside of Chicago!

    1. Hi Ana!

      It's an amazing sight, all those poppies. I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country. Thank you for your kind comments and for your support. Come back soon, I've got lots more to share with you.

      Deb : )

    2. I hope the second thing Ana does is check my site! ha! If only I could post as often as you do. Flowers just make me smile, thanks for the great photos Andy! xo Jena

    3. I am sure Ana makes a bee-line to your blog! I've seen the comments! ;)
      As for posting more often, you have more important things to do and sweet little people to look after. Besides, it quality not quantity that counts! I'll pass on the compliments to Andy. Thanks!

      Deb X

  2. That's a long commute from Devon. I was wondering where on earth those poppies could be, we generally don't get them like that down our way. But aren't they beautiful? What a magnificent sight.

    1. My hubby, Andy, took these photos when he was working near Salisbury. I think the poppy fields are located between Salisbury and Stonehenge. The light coloured poppies must be cultivated. I don't know if it's for pharmaceutical purposes or what. It's a stunning sight!


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