Ladies Who Lunch at Joshua's Table

Having lunch out with friends and family is my favourite social activity.  It suits me down to the ground.  You have luncheon, do a little light shopping and are home in time for afternoon tea, a nice bubble bath and into your PJ's for a cosy night in.  Perfection!  Which leads us to today's luncheon venue - Joshua's Table.

Joshua's Table is hard to describe.  It's an organic food shop, housewares and gift shop and cafe all rolled into one! You know it's something special from the moment you turn into the drive and are greeted by the cordoned apple trees.  

Baskets and garden accessories are displayed under the eaves of the porch, tempting you to buy before you enter the store!

Maggie, my mum-in-law, was my companion today.  We had a delicious lunch of homity pie served with Joshua's own chutney and crisp summer salad.  

And after lunch we did a bit of shopping.... well, you have to!

Just look at the temptations- baked goods, fruit and veg, jams and chutneys.

There are charming cushions and toys for children.

There seems to be a bit of a theme, perhaps it's more of a trend....

Owls!  There were LOADS of owls! 

So take it from two 'Ladies Who Lunch', it's worth a visit to Joshua's Table.  


  1. Oh I LOVE Joshuas's! I used to live not far from there and visited more than was healthy for my bank balance! You've reminded me I've not been there for an age, must rectifiy that soon :)

    1. Our lunch was delicious! I can always find something I'd like to buy there and then we just cross the road to Otter Nursery and all those plants! It's a very dangerous place to visit. Too tempting.


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