Caught In The Act - SLUG!

It's been a tough summer for gardeners in the U.K.  The weather was wet and cold for a very long time so the plants just didn't grow.  Most of the seeds I planted rotted in the cold, sodden soil.  But something did thrive in the garden this year....SLUGS!

It's been headline news.... Invasion of the Spanish Slugs!  It sounds like a horror movie and in some cases, it has been pretty horrific.   I haven't had a bean one out of my patch. Nearly all of the ripe strawberries were gnawed. The second sowing of lettuces were consumed as soon a a tiny green shoot would break through the soil. And all of my chive plants were eaten down to the ground! 

I knew who was to blame, but today, I caught him in the act! He was brazenly eating my daisies!  He started with a tender, green leaf.....

then moved on to the second course, a juicy petal.  Enough is enough!  Let's just say, I gave Mr. Slug a lift out of my garden!  

No slugs were harmed in the making of this post...... well, not YET!  


  1. We find loooooooots of slug`s.I looove slug`s.We find them after it rain`s



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