In The Garden Today......

It's been ages since we've had weather like this. The sun is so bright that you have to squint behind sunglasses!  Here's a little taste of what is going on in my garden today.

Look at that blue sky behind those acid green apples.  It just looks like summer!

The red apples have started to take on a rosy blush.  It won't be long before they begin to ripen.

When the red crocosmia begin to open it's flowers, a sure sign of high summer.

Just like this double daylily....

Or should I say, hemerocallis?

I know it sounds a bit mad, but fuchsias always make me think of little ballerinas.

This isn't my plant, it lives in the garden next door but loves to hang it's heavy flower heads over the garden wall.

This is my plant, less blousy and bold, but even more beautiful, I think.

From the biggest and boldest flowers to the most delicate, the tiny Nigella...

 All of the plants are enjoying the sunshine today.  


  1. The flowers are looking wonderful in your garden, the sun really does make a difference and make the colours look so vibrant.


    1. It's been brilliant having the sunshine back. I hope you have a lovely weekend, too.


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