On the Sunny Side of the Beach

Yesterday, we visited the beach huts.  Today we are going to cross the road to the beach!  Our beach is amazing with miles and miles of soft sand. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, like the Great Barrier Reef!

But it's just home to me.  I know, lucky me!   In the summer the beach is filled with visitors on holiday.  

The good weather has brought everyone to the seashore.

Ice cream is the treat of the day.  There are several ice cream vendors and every one has a queue of hot customers.

If you've forgotten your beach ball you can always purchase one here!

The British call these 'Bucket and Spade' holidays after the equipment required to build sand castles.   

There is a lot more than just sand castle building going on here.  This part of the beach was filled with surfers and beach volley ball games.

Most people were just relaxing, reading and eating picnics on the dunes.

Whether you are here for the long summer holidays, or just out for a brief stroll,  our beach is THE place to be..... well, as long as this lovely weather lasts!   


  1. You live in my old stomping ground! I love this beach, many happy memories :)

  2. It's lovely here. I am so fortunate to be able to call it 'HOME'. : )


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