Chocolate Cola Cake

Once again there has been an error in the purchasing department. Instead of our caffeine free, diet cola, someone picked up a pack of the fully loaded variety.  I'd like to say, just for the record, this time I didn't do it!  (I was the one who bought a kilo of BOGOF carrots!)  Now there are several cans of cola rattling around the fridge that neither Andy nor I can bring ourselves to drink.  Waste not want not, let's make a Cola Cake! 

It sounds weird, doesn't it, but there have been versions of cola cakes around for decades!  The original one, loaded with marshmallows and nuts can be found on the Coca-Cola website but I didn't have those extra bits so I've used  James Martin's version.  

Instead of making a sheet cake, James' cake is made in a round pan.  It looks a bit more elegant but it's still very moist and very rich.  

The topping couldn't be easier to make and it's poured over the cake while still warm in the pan!  

If you have a can of cola rattling 'round your fridge, give cola cake a try.  If you love rich, moist chocolate cake you'll love this!  


  1. I've never heard of Cola Cake before. Yours looks amazing so rich and moist. Another recipe to add to my wish list :)


  2. Coke Cake as been a popular picnic, family reunion, feed an army recipe for ages in the States! The original recipe makes a HUGE tray bake. It's a very Southern style cake, very rich and very moist. I hope you give it a try.

    Debs : )

  3. I've made this exact cake,and it's the best chocolate cake I've ever tasted,i don't usually like chocolate cake's or chocolate deserts,give me a chocolate bar any day.It's the only chocolate cake I'll have so far to date,nothing else has come close so far.


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